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4 Types of Appraisals

  • Each team has its own comment
  • If possible, choose highest appraisal
  • Recommend to handle the highest appraisal
    • because of limited Stardust and Candy
    • The higher level, the more sources: Stardust and Candy
  • In strategy for the low level Pokemons
    • Focus on Evolution
    • ex, Pidgey, Metapod
  • If possible, do not level up for lower than 2500 stardusts
  • If possible, wait until for 5,000 stardusts for leveling up
IV Range
80/100% simply amaze 아주 든든 best of them 톱 레벨이야 wonder! 경이롭고
67/79% strong 아주 강해 strong 아주 강해 caught... attention 시선을 끄는
51/66% decent 보통의 강함 decent 보통이야 above average 보통이상이야
0/50% may not 적성은 아니... room for imp 그저 그러네 not...headway 활약이 어려워